Monday, November 6, 2023

Recent Reads

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Recent Reads...

Penguin Huddle by Ross Montgomery and illustrated by Sarah Warburton

Penguins huddle together to keep warm and end up frozen together. When friends can't help them they get unstuck, they travel across the ocean to find someone who can help. This book is both amusing and sweet and includes some fun use of interesting words.

Santa's Gotta Go! by Derrick Barnes and illustrated by Courtney Lovett

Monte and Mabel want Santa to hang out at their house, but once this happens they start to have some regrets. This is a very humorous story featuring a modern version of Santa. Love the ending.

The Welcome Home by Amy June Bates

Mr. and Ms. Gargleson-Bittle feel that something is missing from their lives so they welcome one animal after another into their home. Even when the animal is not exactly what they wanted, they show acceptance and love. A sweet book about a home that grows not just in number, but also in joy.

When the Fog Rolls In by Pam Fong

A puffin makes his way through the fog in spite of stumbling, getting confused, and running into obstacles. This metaphor for getting through the uncertain parts of life shows that there is power in continuing to move forward.

The Skull: A Tyrolean Folktale by Jon Klassen

This is an interesting and quirky story of unlikely friendship. It's a bit dark, but will definitely appeal to those who enjoy reading stories with some creepiness.


  1. Except for The Skull, the others are new to me. I love the idea of "When The Fog Rolls IN". Thanks, Lisa!

  2. Penguin Huddle sounds fun. Thanks for the reviews.