Monday, October 26, 2020

Recent Reads

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Recent Reads...

Ellie's Dragon by Bob Graham

As a small child, Ellie finds a newborn dragon. Although not everyone can see him, Scratch grows along with her. This is a poignant story about imagination and growing up. 

Leif and the Fall by Allison Sweet Grant and Adam Grant and illustrated by Merrilee Liddiard

It's fall and Leif knows that means he must fall off the tree, but he's worried that he'll bump his head or skin his knee. Leif and his friends come up with ideas to soften the landing, but nothing works. When Leif finally falls off the tree he discovers that the ideas were more useful than he realized. An amusing story about trying new things and persistence.

Will You Be My Friend? by Sam McBratney and illustrated by Anita Jeram

Over twenty-five years after Guess How Much I Love You, there is a sequel and it's very sweet. Little Nutbrown Hare is on his own exploring until another hare appears to join him in his play. This book wonderfully captures the joys of making a new friend.

Mellybean and the Giant Monster by Mike White

Melly loves games, but the cats who live with him would rather sleep. When the cats lock him out of the house and trick him into burying a shoe, he discovers a hole that leads to a magical world where he meets a giant, grumpy monster. There is lots of action and adventure as Melly helps to save the monster and the kingdom. This is a humorous and very cute graphic novel that I think will appeal to readers on the younger end of the middle grade span.

Serena Says by Tanita S. Davis

Serena and JC have been best friends for a long time, but their relationship seems to be changing. JC who is recovering from a kidney transplant has been spending more time with another classmate. Serena is navigating this changing friendship, as well as challenges of a group project at school. This is a relatable middle grade novel about friendship and finding one's voice. The book publishes next month.


  1. Leif and the Fall sounds fun, Lisa, & all are new to me except Will You Be My Friend. I put them on my list & love the description of Serena Says!

  2. Ohhh .... Mellybean and Serena Says are added to my list! Thank you for recommendations. I love that you always have some that are not on my radar!! Hope all is well.

  3. Leif and the Fall sounds like it has some good similarities to The Very Last Leaf. Might make a good pairing! And I'm definitely adding Serena Says to my list. I see they currently have a Goodreads giveaway on this one right now, too. YAY! Thanks for all the shares, Lisa!

  4. I haven't seen Serena Says, but it sounds fantastic! (Group projects are always a trial and tribulation.) Ellie's Dragon looks super-sweet as well! Thanks for the wonderful post!

  5. Serena Says looks really fun! Thanks for sharing