Monday, June 10, 2024

Recent Reads

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Recent Reads...

Aqua Boy by Ken Wilson-Max

Aaron and his family live near the ocean and help to take care of the beach. Aaron wants to swim with the sea creatures, but is afraid to put his head under the water. After a big storm, a sea creature needs some help and Aaron overcomes his fear. This is a story about being brave, but also shows the importance of protecting the ocean and its sea creatures. 

Grilled Cheese? Yes, Please! by Tim Kleyn

On a stormy night, Margot and her grandfather make grilled cheese and soup while they wait for Mama to return by boat. The boats that arrive are not Mama's, but Margot and her grandfather welcome whomever is in need into their home. Soon there is barely any grilled cheese left and Margot realizes there may not be enough left for her. This is a sweet story about generosity and helping others.

Sister Friend by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow and illustrated by Shahrzad Maydani

Ameena plays by herself at school and wonders why the other students don't pay any attention to her. When a new girl shows up at school she wants to make friends, but her attempts don't seem to work. She just needs to find the right way to communicate her intentions. This is a lovely book about friendship.

Amber Brown is NOT a Crayon: The Graphic Novel by Paula Danzinger and Victoria Ying

In this graphic novel adaptation of Amber Brown is NOT a Crayon, which was originally published in the 1990's, third grader, Amber, is adjusting to the news that her best friend Justin is moving away. This is a short graphic novel, making it accessible for many elementary readers.


  1. I love the covers you show here! Aqua Boy looks amazing! Have a great week of reading!

  2. I'm crossing my fingers that my library brings in Sister Friend soon. When I went to check out Aqua Boy by Ken Wilson-Max, I discovered that he has a series of ecological heroes.

  3. I looked for Aqua Boy at my local library and couldn't find it! I'm definitely placing a "request for purchase", because this exactly what we're struggling with, our little swimmer absolutely refuses to place his face in the water, and could use all the encouragement he can get.

  4. So many lovely books here, Lisa, as always! I saw the Amber Brown adaptation recently, and I've enjoyed some graphic novels by Victoria Ying before, so I can imagine young readers will love this one. And the picture books look incredible, especially Sister Friend—I'm already rooting for Ameena to find the right way to connect with her classmate. I really appreciate you spotlighting these stories, and enjoy your week!

  5. The grilled cheese book sounds cute. Will see if I can find that.