Monday, April 8, 2024

Recent Reads

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Recent Reads...

A Maleta Full of Treasures by Natalia Sylvester and illustrated by Juana Medina

Dulce's abuela is visiting from her family's homeland. Although Dulce expresses that she doesn't need her abuela to bring anything except herself when she visits, abuela has brought many treasures. Dulce and her abuela spend time together and make memories until it's time for the trip to come to an end. This is a very sweet and relatable story. 

Peggy the Always Sorry Pigeon by Wendy Maddour and illustrated by Carmen Saldaña

Peggy's reply when others push her around is, "I'm sorry." Following the advice of a helpful seagull, pigeon learns to stand up for herself. An amusing book with an empowering message. 

Penelope Rex and the Problem with Pets by Ryan T. Higgins

Rather than getting a typical dog or cat as a pet, Penelope gets Mitten. Mittens makes life challenging for Penelope, but she tries her best to handle her new pet. This is a fun addition to the Penelope Rex series that shows how rewarding having a pet can be.

Ferris by Kate DiCamillo

Ferris's grandmother has always told her that, "Every good story is a love story." This story tells a few different love stories including that of two sisters and one of a granddaughter and grandmother. It's a quirky story about love and family.


  1. I love that you enjoyed Ferris, too, Lisa. And I will look for A Maleta Full of Treasures, love the grandmother stories! : ) And the book about the pigeon reminds me of a few people I know - wishing they could find a way, too, to stand up for themselves. It looks good! Thanks for all!

  2. I cannot wait to start Ferris—I just got a copy a few days ago! The last Kate DiCamillo book I read, The Beatryce Prophecy, was such an incredible read. A Maleta Full of Treasures looks like such a beautiful story as well—I made note of it. Thanks so much for the wonderful picks, Lisa, and have a great week!