Monday, October 10, 2022

Recent Reads

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Recent Reads...

The Coquíes Still Sing: A Story of Home, Hope, and Rebuilding by Karina Nicole González and illustrated by Krystal Quiles

Elena loves her Abuela's mango tree and the song the coquí frogs sing while they hide in the garden at night. When a hurricane makes landfall, her family stays safe sheltering in their house, but all is destroyed outside her house, including the garden, and the coquíes are silent. Her community gathers together as they rebuild their garden and finally a familiar song brings hope. This is a powerful story of strength and resilience based on Hurricane María which hit Puerto Rico in 2017. The backmatter includes information about Hurricane María and Puerto Rico.

Don't Worry, Murray by David Ezra Stein 

Murray has a lot of worries, but with encouragement from the narrator of the book he faces his fears. This is a very sweet story that celebrates bravery. 

Little Bat Up All Day by Brian Lies

As Little Bat's family drifts off to sleep he heads outside in order to find out what it's like during the day. He meets a squirrel and they become fast friends, but Little Bat can't resist falling asleep. Even though one is awake during the day and the other at night they find a way to remain friends. A delightful and fun story. 

Lou by Breanna Carzoo

Lou, a fire hydrant, thinks he is nothing more than a toilet. The background in the illustrations shows that Lou will be needed for something more than just a place for dogs to pee and Lou eventually realizes his purpose. A clever story.

A Spoonful of Frogs by Casey Lyall and illustrated by Vera Brosgol

A witch on a cooking show is demonstrating how to make Frog Soup. When it's time to put in the spoonful of frogs, the frogs refuse to cooperate. The witch's struggle to get the frogs onto her spoon so she can put them in the cauldron is amusing. Capturing the witch's frustrations, the illustrations are great. 

Gemstone Dragon's #1: Opal's Time to Shine by Samantha M. Clark 

The Gemstone Dragons each have their own magical power. Opal doesn't believe her own power of invisibility is very special. When the dragons are at risk of losing their powers, Opal realizes the true power of her invisibility and of kindness. A charming chapter book about friendship, teamwork, and recognizing one's value.

My Life Begins! by Patricia MacLachlan

Jacob really wants puppies, but instead his family grows with the addition of triplets. He shortens "triplets" and nicknames his siblings "The Trips" and does research by observing them and writing about what he notices in his notebook. This is a sweet book about small moments in the life of a big brother.


  1. Wow, Lisa, these are all new to me and sound like good stories. How wonderful that The Coquíes Still Sing is out, though now Puerto Rico faces more hurricane damage from Ian. I just read that they are so much in the paths of hurricanes that it will be hard to recover each time before another hits. I will look for that one and the others, too. The frog one sounds very funny and My Life Begins, another by MacLachlan! Have a good week this week!

  2. Ooo, so many new to me books! I have had my eye on A Spoonful of Frogs, though! (Amy @mothergooselibrarian)

  3. I have A Spoonful of Frogs in my library bag ready to go. It will now go to the top of my reading list. The Coquíes Still Sing sounds like an important book - especially given the devastation wrought by the more recent hurricanes. I have noted My Life Begins! and added it to my list.