Monday, December 13, 2021

Recent Reads

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Recent Reads...

The Three Latkes by Eric A. Kimmel and illustrated by Feronia Parker-Thomas

On the first night of Hanukkah, three latkes argue about which one of them is the best and they ask a clever cat who knows a lot about food to help them decide. This is a humorous story with fun illustrations.

The Longest Storm by Dan Yaccarino

A very unusual storm comes to town and a family is stuck inside for an undetermined amount of time. Being together all the time becomes difficult for the family until one night when the lights go out and their attitudes towards one another change. This book features a weather-related storm, but the "storm" could be a variety of difficult times that one may go through. The message of resilience and hopefulness is very relevant.

Room for Everyone by Naaz Khan and illustrated by Mercè López

Set in Zanzibar, two siblings are heading to the shore in a minibus. As they travel along, one sibling invites more and more people to join them on the bus while the other sibling worries there is not enough room. This is a fun rhyming book about community and kindness. 

The Swallows' Flight by Hilary McKay

This book tells the story of four young people and a dog leading up to and during World War II. The insight into the impact of the war on these characters and how it leads to the intersection of their lives was interesting.

Adult Reading Recommendations

I read digital review copies of both of these books through NetGalley and I couldn't put either one of them down. They both publish in January.

Greenwich Park by Katherine Faulkner 

Helen attends her first prenatal class and meets another expectant mother. They develop a friendship, but Helen begins to get the sense that something is not quite right. Throughout the book, it's never clear who can be trusted and the mystery is slowly revealed. It's really twisty, too.

The Maid by Nita Prose

I've read a lot of murder mysteries, but never one that was this charming. Molly is a dedicated maid whose world gets turned upside down when she finds a man dead in his hotel room. There are a few interesting twists and a heart-warming message about friendship and fitting in.


  1. I loved The Longest storm & Room for Everyone seems needed! Thanks for the adult picks, too, Lisa. Happy Holidays!

  2. Every single one of these books sounds great, Lisa! I read The Longest Storm last week and really enjoyed it, so I'm glad you did too. The Swallows' Flight sounds excellent as well, and The Three Latkes sounds like a lot of fun! And Maid sounds intriguing, considering that it's heartwarming in addition to being suspenseful. Thanks so much for the wonderful post!

  3. Those picture books look great. I am really interested in The Longest Storm, and loved what you wrote about the storm standing in for a lot of the odd things that have been going on in our lives lately. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  4. I'm adding The Swallows' Flight to my list. I just recently checked out The Longest Storm, so I hope to get to that over the holidays. Thanks for the shares, Lisa!

  5. The Three Latkes is a new title for me. Thanks for the adult recommendations. They both sound intriguing in different ways.