Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Saving Marty by Paul Griffin

Renzo keeps the runt piglet that has been left on his farm after his mom has taken the mother and the rest of the litter to be auctioned off. He names the piglet Marty after his father who died, before Renzo was born while serving overseas in a war. Marty, who acts more like a dog than a pig, becomes Renzo's loyal and lovable companion. Inevitably, Marty grows quite a lot in size and having him as a pet becomes quite challenging, especially in the eyes of Renzo's mom. Renzo's determination to keep Marty plays a role in his journey of self-discovery as he learns about friendship, family, and heroes. Renzo's relationship with his friend, Paloma, also brings sweetness to the story. Some of the content of the book is heavy as Renzo learns the truth about his father that has been kept secret. This book is recommended for the higher end of middle grade. As did Paul Griffin's previous middle grade book, When Friendship Followed Me Home, Saving Marty is a book that will touch readers' hearts.

I thank the publisher, Dial Books for Younger Readers, for an ARC of the book. This book is currently being circulated among the members of my #bookexcursion group. Check out the hashtag on Twitter to find out other's thoughts and what else we are reading.


  1. When Friendship Followed Me Home is on my #mustreadin2017 list. I plan to get to it soon. This one sounds good too.