Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Boy Called Bat Book Review

A Boy Called Bat has been on my to-be-read list since last fall. Walden Pond Press is currently highlighting the book on a blog tour, which piqued my interest even more. I was absolutely delighted to win a signed copy of the book through a giveaway on one of the tour stops, the Bluestocking Thinking blog. I read the book the same night it arrived. The book is certainly a wonderful middle grade read.

In the book, Bat's mother surprises him with a baby skunk that has been orphaned and is need of care until it can be sent to an animal rescue center. Bat, an animal lover, immediately bonds with the skunk who he names Thor. Bat is determined to convince his mom to let him keep Thor as a pet, even writing to a skunk expert in order to seek his approval. Bat's adoration for Thor is heartwarming. The interaction between boy and animal will be appreciated by readers who feel a similar love for animals. 

From the beginning of this book, Bat's behaviors indicate that he is somewhat different from his peers. Although not stated in the book, Bat appears to be a child with autism. Through his relationship with his sister and classmates, the challenges Bat faces with fitting in and making friends becomes clear. The story tells about a slice of Bat's life, showing that it's possible to walk one's own unique path in life. Bat's story can help young readers to understand and empathize with others who may be different from themselves. 

A Boy Called Bat is a book about friendship that conveys a gentle message to be oneself. Bat is a sweet, funny character and it was hard to close the book on him. Although the ending was positive and satisfying, it was not all neatly tied up so maybe the future will bring more engaging and charming stories about Bat. 

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