Monday, May 9, 2016

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a community of bloggers who link up to share what they are reading.  For more information check out the host blogs: Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers.

What I Read This Week…

The Storm by Akiko Miyakoshi

The boy in this story has been looking forward to a trip to the beach, but an impending storm threatens to interfere with the plan.  This is a small moment story, as it simply tells about the boy's concerns as he waits to discover if the storm will pass.  As I was reading this book, I thought it would make a great mentor text when teaching primary grade writers to write their own small moment personal narratives.  The text is sparse and straightforward, but it eloquently captures the voice and feelings of the young narrator.  

Fluffy Strikes Back (A P.U.R.S.T. Adventure) by Ashley Spires

Fluffy Vandermere is a cat with a big job - to protect the planet from alien domination.  When his headquarters are under attack, he and his right-hand cat, Click, are up against an angry swarm of insects. There is a lot of silly humor and action as the "good guys" take on the "bad guys" in this graphic novel.  I know many of my students find this kind of story fun to read and it is an easier-to-read graphic novel making it appropriate for younger readers.   

The Land of Forgotten Girls by Erin Entrada Kelly

Two sisters from the Philippines have been abandoned by their father and are now living with their very cruel stepmother in the United States.  Sol takes on the responsibility for caring for her sister Ming, who believes they are going to be rescued from their unhappy living situation by an imaginary aunt.  The girls have a very difficult life, but their story shows the power of strength, hope, and sisterhood.  The book is written for grades three through five, but it touches upon some difficult themes that may be more appropriate for the higher end of this grade band.

Slacker by Gordon Korman

Cameron's parents force him to get involved in some type of club or sport after he almost burns down their house and they get tired of all the time he spends playing video games.  Cameron has no interest in doing anything that is going to require time that could be better spent playing his games so he invents an imaginary club.  But, soon others want to join and he can no longer shirk his responsibilities as the president of the Positive Action Group.  The story is funny, but there is also an important message about helping others.


  1. I've got to get Slacker for the library whether or not I read it. Gordon Korman continues to enthrall readers with his brand of humour and adventure.

  2. Both those chapter books seem good, Lisa. I'll especially look for The Land of Forgotten Girls. Thanks for the pic books too, some on my list already, but still haven't read them.

    1. The Land of Forgotten Girls wasn't what I expected, but I liked the theme of sisterhood and sticking together.

  3. I loved Masterminds by Gordon Korman, so I'm really looking forward to reading Slacker. It looks like such a fun book. The premise reminds me of the episode of Seinfeld where George gives a Christmas card to his boss saying that he had made a donation in his name to a fake organization, The Human Fund! Thanks for sharing this. The other books on your list are ones that I still need to get around to reading as well! Only 17 days left of school, and then I'll have time to get caught up on reading! Have a great week!

    1. I forgot about that episode. I think the main character from Slacker and George Costanza would have a lot in common! I'm also looking forward to summer and all the reading I can get done!