Monday, February 29, 2016

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

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What I Read This Week…

Normal Norman by Tara Lazar

A young scientist is trying to demonstrate the meaning of "normal" with the help of an orangutan named Norman who she thinks is just regular and ordinary.  Norman, who eats pizza, sleeps in a bunk bed, and has his own stuffed anteater, proves to be anything but normal.  The book shows a meaningful lesson - there is no definition of "normal."

Otto the Owl Who Loved Poetry by Vern Kousky

Otto the Owl loves poetry, but the other owls think this is unusual and tease him.  Otto stays true to who he is, makes a friend, and helps others learn to appreciate poetry as well.  The lines of poetry Otto recites are from well-known poems and the poets, including T.S. Eliot and Emily Dickinson, are listed at the end of the book.  This picture book could be used to introduce young readers to poetry.

Too Many Carrots by Katy Hudson

This is a picture book about sharing.  Rabbit loves carrots so much that he no longer has room in his burrow.  His friends try their best to help him find a place to sleep, but their generosity always ends in a disaster.  Rabbit's solution to the problem is sweet and illustrates a lesson about friendship.  The detailed illustrations of Rabbit and his overabundance of carrots are cute and humorous.

The Great Pet Escape (Pets on the Loose!) by Victoria Jamieson

This is a humorous graphic novel about class pets trying to escape.  George Washington is a hamster who invents a contraption to escape from his prison, the cage in the second grade classroom where he lives.  He sets his two friends free, but an evil mouse and his minions interfere with the plan.  As the plot unfolds there is lots of action and humor.  The book is a short, quick read and I think it will be another graphic novel that flies off the shelves.

Fenway and Hattie by Victoria Coe

This story is told from the perspective of Fenway, the Jack Russell Terrier who belongs to Hattie. When the family moves out of the city and Hattie finds a neighborhood friend, Fenway is left feeling alone and disappointed.  Fenway is determined to get his friend back.  The author has provided an imaginative and sweet look at a dog's thoughts and feelings.  This is a book I'm looking forward to sharing with my middle grade readers.  


  1. I've gone back and forth about Fenway and Hattie. Not a huge fan on books written from an animal's perspective. May have to take a look.

  2. I've forgotten about Otto The Owl, will see if my library has it. And Too Many Carrots looks like fun and a good read for conversation. I have Fenway and Hattie on my list, but it will be a while before I have time. Happy Reading, Lisa.

  3. Fenway and Hattie is such a fun book. Victoria Coe really has a terrific imagination to look at life through the eyes of a dog! I'm looking forward to reading Normal Norman. Thanks for sharing some great titles! Have a terrific week!

  4. Haven't read any of these books yet - will definitely look them up next time I visit our library.