Monday, October 23, 2023

Recent Reads

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Recent Reads...

An Ofrenda for Perro by Judith Valdés B. and illustrated by Carlos Vélez Aguilera

While mourning the loss of his dog, Benito learns about Día de los Muertos and the importance of celebrating those who have passed. This is a beautiful and touching book about grief and loss. 

How Does Santa Go Down the Chimney? by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen

The narrator offers ideas about how Santa is able to go down chimneys and get into houses to deliver presents. This is an amusing exploration of a question that many children are curious about. The illustrations are fun, too.

The Runaway Dosa by Suma Subramaniam and illustrated by Parvati Pillai

As the author notes at the end of the book, this story was inspired by the traditional Gingerbread Man tale and a Southern Indian Tamil rhyme. As a family is enjoying dosa, an Indian meal made with rice and lentils, the last one jumps off the plate and runs away. Two siblings chase after it inviting mythological creatures they encounter along the way to join in the pursuit. This is an interesting retelling of a tale that is familiar to many young readers.

Spreckle's Snack Surprise by Sandra Salsbury

Spreckles, a dragon, was born on a farm, but unlike her chicken siblings, she is not happy eating dried corn and slugs. She is not successful in her search for a decent snack and is about to give up when she accidentally turns an ordinary snack into one that everyone enjoys. 

A Pie For Us! (Best Buddies #1) by Vicky Fang and illustrated by Luisa Leal

A cat and dog with the cutest names - Scratch and Sniff - are involved in three different humorous situations in each of the chapters of this book. One involves a pie, the other a box, and finally a new mirror that appears in their home. This is the first in a new series in the Acorn line of books for early readers. 

Sparkle by Lakita Wilson

As Sparkle starts middle school she realizes her hair is falling out and is diagnosed with alopecia. The condition impacts her self-confidence, her relationships with her friends and classmates, and her dream of becoming a star actress. This book has a great message and the topic of alopecia is one I haven't seen explored in middle grade literature. Thanks to the publisher for an advanced reader's copy. The book publishes this week.


  1. I have the Santa book but will share it a little later. What fun to imagine for kids! Sparkle is a new one & I suspect is going to be welcomed by a lot of kids and parents, too. Thanks for all, Lisa!

  2. Oh my goodness, so many adorable covers this week!! Spreckle's is the cutest dragon I've seen in a while, and that Best Buddies cover looks so appealing for emerging readers. I'm sure that kids will also be drawn to Sparkle - I feel like books like this are so important, not only for kiddos experiencing a condition like the protagonist, but to encourage empathy and understanding towards all people who might present differently.

  3. Thanks for sharing Sparkle. Sounds like it might be one of those great "mirror" books if it gets to the hands of the right reader.

  4. I didn't even finish reading your post before going to see if How Does Santa Go Down the Chimney? is available at my local library. An ebook was available so as soon as I finish here I plan to go and read it.
    One of my son's friends had alopecia. It came on when he was about 12. It was a hard challenge for him. I wish a book like this had been around for him and his peers.