Monday, October 9, 2023

Recent Reads

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Recent Reads...

Baller Ina by Liz Casal

Ina is a ballerina who also gets out onto the basketball court in her tutu. Even when another play tries to discourage her, Ina shows off her confidence and continues to be herself. A joyous rhyming book.

The Boo Crew Needs You by Vicky Fang and illustrated by Saoirse Loug

It's time for the Monster Ball, but before it can take place the Boo Crew needs to make everything right in the neighborhood. The reader is invited along to help out. A cute book that encourages reader participation.

I Cannot Draw a Bicycle by Charise Mericle Harper

The narrator draws a cat with a skateboard and a horse who wants a bicycle. The narrator has never seen a bicycle and can't draw one so the cat and horse suggest a clever solution. Another amusing book by the author of I Cannot Draw a Horse.

Spanish is the Language of My Family by Michael Genhart and illustrated by John Parra

Manolo's school is having a Spanish spelling bee and, since his family speaks the language, he is excited to participate. Although he knows how to spell many words in Spanish, his abuela helps him learn more and also tells him stories of when she was little and was only allowed to speak English. This is an empowering book that celebrates language and culture.

History Smashers: Christopher Columbus and the Taino People by Kate Messner and Jose Barreiro and illustrated by Falynn Koch 

This is another insightful addition to the History Smashers series. The authors explore the myths surrounding Christopher Columbus, providing information about what is actually true. I learned a lot about Christopher Columbus and how the holiday came to be celebrated. Both adults and kids can learn from this book.


  1. The 'Boo Crew' and 'I cannot Draw A Bicycle' sound very fun, Lisa. Thanks for all! Have a good week this week!

  2. I love holiday season and new holiday books. Thanks for sharing! I LOVE History Smashers and my students need more copies in the library!

  3. I need to start reading the History Smashers series.