Monday, January 25, 2021

Recent Reads


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Recent Reads...

Time for Kenny by Brian Pinkney

This is the story of Kenny's day told in four parts. The text is simple, but the story realistically portrays a a child's experiences and feelings. The youngest of readers will be able to relate.

Sheepish (Wolf Under Cover) by Helen Yoon

This is one of the picture books on my #MustReadin2021 list. Wolf disguises himself as a sheep and blends in with the herd in an attempt to get himself a tasty dinner. His plan to help out and be friendly doesn't turn out the way he imagined. Clever and humorous.

So You Want to Be an Owl by Jane Porter and illustrated by Maddie Frost

The book begins with Professor Olaf welcoming the human reader to Owl School and then giving nine lessons for being a good owl. Each lesson provides factual information about owls. The illustrations and comparisons that are made between the reader of the book and owls makes this nonfiction book engaging and amusing.

Ground Zero by Alan Gratz

This book is intense and heart-wrenching. It gives insight into the events that took place on 9/11 and those in Afghanistan that took place post 9/11. Alternating between two different narratives, each story and the way they connect is powerful. Thanks to the publisher for providing my book review group with an advanced reader copy. They book publishes in February. 


  1. I have Ground Zero on my list, Lisa. Gratz is a favorite author & I know I will read this. Thanks for the picture books, too. I shared the Owl book today too, very cute & well done!

  2. I can't wait to read Ground Zero. I can't believe it'll be twenty years already!

  3. The Gratz was definitely what my students want when it comes to 9/11 books. There were a few titles that came out years ago, but this one was quite good!

  4. I'm on hold at the library for Kenny!
    I bought Ground Zero but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I'm sure the topic is in good hands with Gratz!

  5. What a great set of books! Thanks so much for your recommendations, as always!

  6. Thanks for sharing these books today. Alan Gratz is always a good read (even if he is sometimes a bit too intense for me) I'm now looking forward to reading So You Want to Be an Owl and Time for Kenny.

  7. I'm so glad to read your reviews today because I'm adding Sheepish (Wolf Under Cover) to my list and I just made sure I have Ground Zero near the top -- Alan Gratz is an amazing storyteller, representing so many sizes to each issue we face together as humans. I'm especially looking forward to this one. Thank you, Lisa!