Monday, September 21, 2020

Recent Reads

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Recent Reads...

Nacho's Nachos: The Story Behind the World's Favorite Snack by Sandra Nickely and illustrated by Oliver Dominguez

Although written for children, I often learn many interesting facts from picture book biographies, and that is the case with this book. The book tells the story of a creative chef, Ignacio, and how he invented the crunchy, cheesy, spicy snack we know as nachos. It's an entertaining and informative read. 

The Ninth Night of Hanukkah by Erica S. Perl and illustrated by Shahar Kober

With still one more day of summer left it may seem a little too early for a book about a holiday that takes place in winter, but this book recently published this month. In this book a family starts a new Hanukkah tradition. It's also a heartwarming story about community and appreciating others. The note at the end of the book provides some information about Hanukkah and explains the author's inspiration for the book. There are also some great suggestions for celebrating community and showing gratitude for the helpers in one's life. Thanks to Media Masters Publicity for providing my book review group, #BookExcursion, with a review copy.

The Old Man and the Penguin: A True Story of True Friendship by Julie Abery and illustrated by Pierre Pratt

This is a beautiful and charming story, based on true events, about a man who receives a visit every year from a penguin which he helped after finding him covered in oil. It's a story of unlikely friendship, but also has a message about the importance of taking care of the environment. The author's note explains the harmful impact of oil spills on sea creatures. The book publishes in October. 

Planet Omar: Unexpected Super Spy by Zanib Mian and illustrated by Nasaya Mafaridik

There is much to love about this series. Omar, who is imaginative and humorous, is a great character, but his friends and family are all equally endearing. In this second book in the series, Omar exhibits compassion and determination as he helps to raise money to save his family's mosque. This is a sweet story about family and community. With illustrations and word art the book is a fun read. 


  1. Each one is new & sound good to me, Lisa. I love the idea of The Old Man & the Penguin! Thanks for all & have a great week!

  2. I really liked the first Omar, I'm glad it was chosen as the GRA. I have the second one in my pile to read! Same with the Hanukkah book. I have been watching for the Nacho book! I should check with my library again....

  3. I have the first Omar and need to read it because it sounds like it has a lot of kid appeal. The Old Man and the Penguin sounds so heartwarming. Definitely will add to my list!

  4. These books sound great! I love how religions other than Christianity are showing up in kids' books, as with The Ninth Night of Hanukkah and Planet Omar! Thanks for the wonderful post!

  5. Omar looks fun -- I will check my library. Thanks for sharing all these.

  6. Omar is a great series and one that does not get as much play. Thanks for reminding me! The Old Man and the Penguin also looks sweet - I will have to check it out. Thanks.

  7. My family are HUGE fans of Nachos, so Nacho's Nachos might be a fun and educational family read. And I'm going to have to check out Planet Omar. Glad to see the positive words on Omar in the comments section, as well. Thanks for sharing, Lisa!

  8. Thanks so much, Lisa, for giving a shout-out to Nacho's Nachos!