Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Writing An Etheree

This month I am participating in the 13th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge. Visit Two Writing Teachers for more information.

Many children's book authors have created videos to share lessons, ideas, and thoughts about writing that will be helpful to kids who are learning from home. As an adult, I've enjoyed watching some of these videos and getting insight into the writing process and ideas for my own writing. Author and poet Liz Garton Scanlon has shared a video, Poetry Prompt: Writing Gratitude Etherees. I, of course, am familiar with the Haiku which is a syllabic poetry format, but the Etheree is new to me. Liz explains in her video that an Etheree is a ten-line poem, with the first line having one syllable and each of the other lines having a number of syllables that is one more than the previous line. Although it's not a poem of gratitude, like Liz's poem which she shares in her video, I have tried my hand at this form. Here is my Etheree:

I Write 

blue sky
wisps of clouds
my window view
brings me happiness
warmth and light surround me
sharing the words of my heart
sitting at my kitchen table
thoughts, emotions, questions fill the page
soaking up sunshine, I write my story

Writing this Etheree was a challenge, but a fun challenge!


  1. I learned about the Etheree a while back by reading “Thanku: Poems of Gratitude.” I finally wrote one a couple weeks ago. I like the way formats like the etheree offer a framework.

    I like the way your poem captures both the atmosphere and content of your writing.

  2. Lisa, I like your Etheree and compliment you for trying a new poetry format. I tried one for today's slice also. I think I will give an Etheree thanks to you and Liz. In this time of gray skies and crisis, I can see why the blue sky and clouds bring you happiness. Here's to noticing what's outside your window and creating a poem!

    1. Thanks, Carol. Today I am noticing more gray than sun outside my window, but hopefully by tomorrow the sunshine is back!

  3. Oh, wow! I must try to write an Etheree; this is new to me. That is gorgeous! I love how your setting builds with each line, and I feel that I am with you in this beautiful and thoughtful writing place.

    1. I also learned that the Reverse Etheree is also a format...maybe I'll try that next.

  4. Ahhhh, but THIS a poem of gratitude in its way :)
    So glad you played along!

  5. I love a new poetic form, Lisa! Thank you for sharing it! It's going on my TO DO list! "Sharing the words of my heart." I love that so much.

    1. Thanks, Christie. It's always nice to try out something different when writing!

  6. Fun to experiment with different poetry types. I love the shape of it!