Sunday, March 29, 2020

The Daffodils Will Show Up

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One of my favorite places is Newport, RI. Luckily, I live close enough that I can spend frequent time there. I love the beaches. Some of my favorite restaurants are there. There is a coffee shop that gets plentiful sun in the morning and through the afternoon where I enjoy going to sip a green tea and read. A tennis match is really fun on the grass courts at The International Tennis Hall of Fame. Running on the Cliff Walk, a path that runs along the coast, or biking on Ocean Drive provide stunning views of the ocean that take my breath away every time. There's always people around, too. No matter what time of year, there are people enjoying the sights, the restaurants, the beaches.

I often do my shopping at a wonderful market in Newport that specializes in organic products. That's where I went yesterday to pick up some fresh fruit and vegetables and while I was there I took a drive around. The city was the quietest I've ever seen it. There were little people walking around. With restaurants only open for takeout and the shops closed, there's not much reason for people to be there. There were still some people enjoying walks on the beach, but definitely not the typical crowd for a Saturday. 

I was heading out of Newport, towards home, when I noticed the daffodils. Every April, Newport celebrates the beginning of spring with Daffodil Days. There's a week or so of festivities as the daffodils are in bloom. Daffodils have been planted in various places throughout the city and even businesses and residents have displays of daffodils. Over a million daffodils have been planted throughout Newport since Daffodil Days began. Daffodil Days are joyous days, filled with the anticipation of the warm weather to come. The color brings more beauty to a city already filled with remarkable views. 


Daffodil Days have been canceled for this year, but the daffodils are showing up regardless. The celebration will not be the same this year, but we can still celebrate the beauty of the flower that is a harbinger of spring and a symbol of new beginnings. As the daffodils continue to bloom, we can anticipate the better days that are to come.


  1. Love it, the daffodils will show up! Mine are up, and I keep taking pictures of them. And they remind us, like your post reminds us, that better days will come.

  2. I love this last paragraph and the hope and belief in better days ahead. Thanks for sharing the daffodils--and the hope.