Saturday, July 8, 2017

Celebrate This Week: #BookExcursion

Thank you to Ruth Ayres at Ruth Ayres Writes. She hosts a link-up every week that focuses on the reasons we have to celebrate. I have not participated in Celebrate This Week in quite a bit and when I do post it is not regularly, but now that it is summer I am hoping to do more writing. Thinking and writing about a reason to celebrate is always fun!

This week I celebrate #BookExcursion, a newly formed group that I am happy to be a part of. #BookExcursion, is a book reviewing group of sorts. This is not a new idea, other groups like this one have been in existence for some time now. Basically, we read advanced reader copies of soon to be published books and share our thoughts with each other, the authors, and a wider audience of educators through Twitter and our blogs. When we have a copy of a book, one person reads it and makes notes in it, that person mails the book to another person in the group, and this continues until all have read the book. I am discovering that this is a fun way to read along with others and interact with authors of children's literature. By being a part of this group, I get to read up-and-coming books, making me aware of what is out there for the middle grade readers I teach. Authors and publishers have even graciously sent us copies of books to review and share with each other. Melissa Roske agreed to share her book, Kat Greene Comes Clean, with the group. You can read my thoughts about it here. Dial Books sent my group a copy of Paul Griffin's Saving Marty which you can read more about here. Both books are wonderful. Smart Cookie by Elly Swartz is due to arrive in the mail soon. I am looking forward to reading many more great books along with a group of teachers and librarians who are as passionate about reading as I am. 


  1. #BookExcursion sounds like a great way to share learning around books. It would be fun to see everyone's notes as you read the book.

  2. It sounds great! I like how you mail the book to each other!

  3. How fun, I also wish we had more snail mail and mailing each other books is neat.

  4. Lisa, I love the idea of having a book excursion way to converse over books. Enjoy reading and continue to share your finds. I wrote my post late but am happy to spend quality time with my new granddaughter (our first grandchild):