Monday, March 4, 2024

Recent Reads

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Recent Reads...

Lucky Duck by Greg Pizzoli

Whenever something happens to make Susan the duck feel unlucky, a wolf shows up offering her items that brighten her mood. Readers will recognize the wolf's intent although Susan does not. Lucky for her, a bug has been a keen observer and has a clever solution. An amusing story.

Mabel and the Mountain: A Story About Believing in Yourself by Kim Hillyard

Mabel is a fly with a plan and the knowledge that she shouldn't listen to those who say she can't do something. She decides she is going to climb a mountain and sets out to do it. Although others doubt her, she listens to her heart. This is a sweet story about a very determined character who shows the power of believing in oneself. 

Peg Gets Crackin' by Jo Renfro

Feeling safe inside her shell, Peg does not want to hatch when her mother tells her chickadees it's time to start crackin'. Eventually, Peg runs out of room and is forced out of her shell. This is a really fun book with a relatable message about overcoming the uncertainties when it's time to be more independent.

Ramadan Kareem by M.O. Yuksel and illustrated by Hatem Aly

This is a celebratory book about Ramadan. The narrator of the book, who is fasting for the first time, shares the many joys associated with the month of Ramadan. Those who are unfamiliar with Ramadan will learn from the story, as well as the author's note at the end.

The Teeny-Weeny Unicorn by Shawn Harris

A teeny-weeny unicorn has had enough of being the smallest in his family and runs away. After encountering a gnome in the lawn, the teeny-weeny unicorn doesn't feel so small anymore. This is a fun book showing that one's small size can be an advantage. Love the whimsical illustrations.

The Fix-Its: Nail Needs Help (I Can Read Comics Level 3) by Sarah Lynne Reul

Nail is stuck in a piece of wood and needs help from someone in the toolbox. Hammer tries to help, but ends up making the situation worse. If only Hammer would listen! This early reader in graphic novel format is very clever.

Adult Reading Recommendation

The Father She Went to Find by Carter Wilson

Penny Bly became a savant when she fell down the stairs as a young child. Since then she has been attending a special school. On her twenty-first birthday, she receives a card from her father, who she hasn't seen since her accident, and decides she is going to leave the school and find him. Penny's journey soon becomes one of adventure, danger, and friendship. This is a psychological thriller with suspense, but it's also an emotional story about finding happiness. There were parts that were a bit over-the-top, but it was a quick and entertaining read. Thanks to the NetGalley for a review copy. The book publishes in April.


  1. All those early reader books sound great, Lisa. I did laugh when I saw the cover and the title, "Peg Gets Crackin'". Nice to see one about Ramadan, too, & the thriller sounds intriguing. Have a lovely week this week!

  2. As usual you have a great collection of books today Lisa. Lucky Duck sounds fun like a fun one to do as a read aloud.

  3. I'm intrigued by Harris's new book. It's so hard to restock at the store.