Monday, February 5, 2024

Recent Reads

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Recent Reads...

Cupig: The Valentine's Day Pig by Claire Tattersfield and illustrated by Rob Sayegh Jr.

This is a silly rhyming story about Cupig, a pig whose arrows go a little off course during a storm. Instead of bringing pairs together, her Valentine's mishap results in break-ups. Cupig knows she must make it all right again. There are lots of fun puns.

Elijah's Easter Suit by Brentom Jackson and illustrated by Emmanuel Boateng

Elijah wants the perfect Easter suit so that he will be the first kid at church to get a special shout-out from the Reverend. Inspired by a few members of his church community, he creates a suit that honors his culture and family history. A charming book about tradition.

The Red Fruit by Lee Gee Eun

A baby bear climbs a tree thinking there will be more delicious red fruit. Whenever the fruit appears within reach, the bear realizes what appears to be fruit is something else entirely. The mostly black and white illustrations are lovely and pull the reader into the bear's risky adventure.

Sam's New Sister by Michelle Olson

Although Sam is the smallest button in the craft box, and because of this misses out on some things, he enjoys the attention he receives. That changes when a new button is adopted and he is now a big brother. Sam runs away to escape his sister, but when she is in need he realizes it's not so bad to have a little sister after all. The artwork in this book is great. There are three other books in the series featuring characters from the craft box.

Adult Reading Recommendation

The Women by Kristin Hannah

This is an intense and heart-wrenching book. I had tears in my eyes within the first fifty pages and many times after that. Frankie joins the Army as a nurse, spends two years serving in Vietnam, and then returns home to her family, who like many others in the country are not welcoming upon her return. Although the book is almost five hundred pages, I read it in a weekend because it was such a compelling read. Some of the plot is predictable, but the insight into the time period was fascinating to me. I've read more books than I can count about World War II, but I realized when reading this one that I haven't read any about the Vietnam War. Not having as much knowledge as I probably should have about this time in history, I found this to be an impactful read.

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  1. I think we like similar adult books, Tina. I just put 'The Women' on my 'to purchase' list! Sam's New Sister made me smile. What imagination! I hadn't heard of that series. And thanks for the others, too, cute books for young ones. Have a great week ahead!