Monday, September 11, 2023

Recent Reads

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Recent Reads...

Back to School, Backpack! by Simon Rich and illustrated by Tom Toro

Readers who have anxiety about the first day of school will be able to relate to how the backpack feels in this story. Written from the perspective of a backpack who is scared, lonely, and feeling different from everything else, this is a sweet story about friendship.

Cake vs. Pie by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen and illustrated by Stephani Stilwell

An amusing story about a cake who is jealous that pie seems to be getting all the attention. Lot of puns and fun illustrations make this an entertaining book. 

Martina Has Too Many Tías by Emma Otheguy and illustrated by Sara Palacios

When Martina's tías visit they make a lot of noise with their booming voices and salsa dancing. This gives Martina, who would rather sit and tell stories, a headache. When she finds herself on a magical adventure she learns to appreciate that her tías are different from her. This is a heart-warming story with illustrations that are both joyful and magical.

Pirate & Penguin by Mike Allegra and illustrated by Jenn Harney

A confused pirate mistakes a penguin for a parrot. The antics of the pirate and penguin are amusing and the ending is sweet. Lots of fun language that will amuse readers, too.

There's a Beach in My Bedroom by Kevin Jonas and Danielle Jonas and illustrated by Courtney Dawson

When Bella is disappointed that it's raining and she can't go to the beach, her family finds a way to bring the beach to her. This book has a sweet message about making the best of a situation and imagination. 

Ali the Great and the Market Mishap by Saadia Faruqi and illustrated by Debby Rahmalia

Ali and his little brother, Fateh, go to the market with their Dada to get snacks when they run out. When they get there, Ali's job is to watch Fateh and find the chips his Dada likes, but Fateh is not such a good listener. Luckily, Ali is a good problem solver. This is a charming early reader that is one of four in a series. 


  1. It looks like you had a fabulous reading week Lisa. I really wish my library had a copy of Ali the Great and the Market Mishap!

  2. There's a Beach in My Bedroom sounds a little like one I remember from my childhood-- the aunt is babysitting and sets up a sunlamp in the living room with beach towels! There certainly seem to be a lot of books about children (or backpacks!) with anxiety about school, and I don't know if it's a good thing. Maybe we need more books showing how fun school can be, like the classic We Like Kindergarten!

  3. I have to keep my eye out for Ali. Looks like a series I'll enjoy.

  4. Looks like some good books this week! I like the backpack who's anxious about going back to school.

    Hope you're enjoying your books this week, too!


  5. These are all new to me! Thank you for sharing and getting them on my radar!

    Happy reading this week :)