Monday, January 23, 2023

Recent Reads

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Recent Reads...

The Mystery of the Love List by Sarah Glenn Marsh and illustrated by Ishaa Lobo

Pippa, the only porcupine in her class, is very lonely, but when her teacher gives a Valentine's Day assignment to write a "love list" she finds out she has a secret admirer. Pippa puts her sleuthing skills to work and discovers a new friend. A sweet book. 

What's Up, Pup?: How Our Furry Friends Communicate and What They Are Saying by Kersten Hamilton and illustrated by Lili Chin

This is an informative and amusing introduction to how dogs communicate through their body language. The illustrations which include a variety of types of dogs are a lot of fun. Those with and without dogs will enjoy learning about the ways these animals get their message across.

On Air With Zoe Washington (Zoe Washington #2) by Janae Marks

This is a wonderful follow-up to the first Zoe book that continues her story now that her father is out of prison and they are exploring the idea of opening a restaurant. Zoe is an inspirational character as she follows her dream, creatively solves problems, and demonstrates compassion. In addition to being a well-written book, I think it will stimulate important conversations. 

Adult Reading Recommendation

The House of Eve by Sadeqa Johnson

After reading The Yellow Wife, which I loved, I was eager to read this new novel by the same author. Not only does Sadeqa Johnson immerse you in the time period, she also creates characters who stick in your mind long after closing the book. Set in the 1950s, this book alternates between two women, one in Philadelphia and the other in Washington, D.C., who are both very determined. They each have goals to better their life through education, but are faced with challenges and difficult decisions. Each of the two storylines were interesting and I liked how they intertwined. A captivating and insightful work of historical fiction. 


  1. Thanks for each one, Lisa. I especially like the idea of What's Up, Pup? And The House of Eye sounds very intriguing.

  2. If I was still in the library, I would purchase a copy of What's Up, Pup? These kinds of books are always popular. I agree with Linda, The House of Eve does sound intriguing. My mother would have been the same age as these characters and reading about women in these times helps me understand more about what life was like for her.