Monday, July 4, 2022

Recent Reads

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Recent Reads...

Leila, the Perfect Witch by Flavia Z. Drago

Leila has many talents and trophies, but has yet to showcase her baking skills. Now that she is old enough, she decides to enter the Witchy Cake-off. Although many in her family are expert bakers, Leila has a difficult time. Her witchy sisters, who have culinary skills and advice for overcoming an obstacle, help her out. Leila shows great determination and learns that having fun and being with family is what makes someone a winner. This is a charming book with detailed, whimsical illustrations. Gustavo from the author's previous book even makes an appearance. 

Poo-Dunit? A Forest Floor Mystery by Katelyn Aronson and illustrated by Stephanie Laberis

This book has lots of kid appeal. Kids are going to giggle and shriek with delighted disgust as they follow mouse on her quest to find out who left the poo outside her house. The backmatter at the end adds a little bit of science to the fun. 


Blippo & Beep and Blippo & Beep: I Feel Funny by Sarah Weeks and illustrated by Joey Ellis

Blippo and Beep are two silly robots who know the true meaning of friendship. This is an amusing series for early readers. The stories are told through illustrations and dialogue which make them an option for readers who like books similar to the Elephant & Piggie series.

Butt Sandwich & Tree by Wesley King

This is a great story about a kid who is neurodiverse and the relationship he has with his brother. When Green tries out for basketball, to make his brother happy, and is accused of a theft, Cedar is determined for them to prove someone else did it. There is lots of action on the basketball court and the mystery that Green and Cedar work to solve is interesting. Thanks to the publisher for an advance reviewer copy. The book publishes in August. 

Swim Team by Johnnie Christmas

Bree has moved to Florida with her dad where she is starting a new middle school. She really wants to take the Math Puzzles elective, but because it's full she ends up in Swim 101. Pools are among the things Bree doesn't like and she also does not know how to swim. After a rocky start, Bree gets help from a neighbor, learns how to swim, and makes it onto the swim team. This is a fantastic graphic novel about friendship, teamwork, and perseverance. 

Adult Reading Recommendations

Iona Iverson's Rules for Commuting by Clare Pooley

I needed a warm and joyful book recently and this hit the mark. Seven people become a part of each other's lives because they commute on the same train. Loved the characters and the story. I also enjoyed the author's previous book, The Authenticity Project, and hope she writes more. 

The It Girl by Ruth Ware

Hannah found her roommate, April, dead in their dorm during her first year at Oxford. She provided testimony that helped to convict a porter at Oxford, but now ten years later, she is questioning whether he actually committed the crime. Th story alternates between what happened before April's death and what happened after. The mystery was intriguing and Ruth Ware's writing is atmospheric.


  1. Aaron shared Butt Sandwich & Tree, too. I guess it should go on my list! Thanks for Poo-Dunit, too, & Swim Team, Lisa. Have a great Independence Day today! Thanks for all!

  2. What a great set of books, Lisa! Like Linda above, I also just came from Aaron's blog and saw Butt Sandwich & Tree, so I made note of that one. I'm also intrigued by Swim Team, since I love graphic novels and enjoy swimming as well! Thanks so much for the wonderful post!

  3. I learned about Leila, the Perfect Witch in another post this week. It looks just delightful! Thanks for the heads up about the Blippo & Beep series. They sound ideal for my 5 year old grandkids. I'll be looking out for Butt Sandwich & Tree since Wesley King is a Canadian author I admire.

  4. You are so right about Poo-Dunit. My youngest commented on it immediately as she walked by my screen while I was reading it. She thought my wife had it in her library but now we think she has a non-fiction book that could go with it. We will have to check that one out. I am glad that you also enjoyed Butt Sandwich and Tree (that's a sentence I never thought I would type). I am also going to try to find Blippo and Beep. Thanks for the post!

  5. I've been recommending Swim Team to anyone who's enjoyed Roller Girl.

  6. I am making a priority to read adult books this summer and I absolutely loved Pooley's new novel! Blippo and Beep sounds like a great series for early readers.