Monday, May 10, 2021

Recent Reads

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Recent Reads...

The Bruce Swap by Ryan T. Higgins

Kevin sends a letter to his cousin Bruce to say he's coming over for a fun visit. Bruce never gets the letter and when Bruce leaves to go fishing Kevin arrives. The woodland animals think their wish for a fun Bruce has come true, but soon find out that having fun is not always fun. This is another very fun book in the Mother Bruce series.

Chicken Little and the Big Bad Wolf by Sam Wedelich

Chicken Little is not scared of a wolf until he has an encounter with one in the barnyard. At first, the other chickens decide they need a plan to protect themselves, but after a little investigating they find out they have misjudged the wolf. This is an amusing story about friendship and the importance of not making assumptions. 

Fearless by Kenny Porter and illustrated by Zach Wilcox

Kara misses her friend, Alice, who has moved over the summer and is wondering why she isn't keeping in touch any longer. Determined to find out why, Kara goes on an adventurous bike ride to Alice's new hometown. Readers who are fans of graphic novels about friendship and growing up will enjoy this one. Thanks to the publisher for providing my book review group with an advanced reader's copy.


  1. Thanks, Lisa. I know about the new "Bruce" but not the other two. Chicken Little sounds like a lot of fun & Fearless like a real adventure! Have a great week ahead!

  2. These books sound great! I'll have to take a look at Fearless, since it sounds like something I might enjoy. Thanks so much for the great post!

  3. The Bruce Swap is on my list, but these others are new to me. I really like stories that mess around with classic tales so I'll be looking forward to reading Chicken Little.

  4. My brother's name is Kevin. Perhaps I should look into the Bruce book.

  5. I loved the new Bruce book! It's my favorite of his since Be Quiet! I need to find the next Chicken Little book, I loved the first one.