Sunday, June 21, 2020

Recent Reads

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Recent Reads...

The Camping Trip by Jennifer K. Mann

Ernestine is going camping for the first time with her aunt and cousin. Camping is quite different than what she is used to, but Ernestine enjoys the adventure. This is a realistic glimpse into the world of camping. Those who have been before will be able to relate and those who haven't will be eager to go. Thanks to the publisher, Candlewick Press, for a review copy.

Sulwe by Lupita Nyong'o and Vashti Harrison

Sulwe's skin is darker than that of others in her family and she wishes she could wake up to be like her sister who is lighter than her. When Sulwe learns the legend of Night and Day, she realizes the importance of realizing one's own beauty. This story with its message of empowerment and the illustrations are absolutely gorgeous.

Something to Say by Lisa Moore Ramée

This is a story about facing one's fears, finding one's voice, and learning to be a friend. Jenae is an eleven-year-old who doesn't have any friends and feels pretty invisible at school, but then she meets Aubrey who has a personality that's the opposite of hers and seems determined to be her friend. I loved Janae's character and just wanted everything to work out for her. There is also a social justice component to the plot that's very relevant. Thanks to the publisher and Edelweiss for a digital review copy. The book publishes in July.

Summer Reading Recommendations

If you are looking for a grown-up read to add to your summer reading list, these are two thriller/suspense books that were addictive, couldn't-put-them-down reads.

The Last Flight by Julie Clark

Seven Lies by Elizabeth Kay


  1. These books sound great! I've seen a lot of praise for The Camping Trip and Sulwe, and Something to Say sounds great (I just saw praise for Ramée's other book A Good Kind of Trouble). Thanks for the great post!

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  3. I enjoyed The Camping Trip & Sulwe very much, & have Something to Say on my ever-growing list. Can't wait for the library to open & I hear it's soon! Thanks, Lisa!

  4. I loved the illustrations in Sulwe, and that it was clearly not set in the US so it was a glimpse at another country. Thanks for sharing these books.

  5. I adored The Camping Trip. I have a eARC of Something to Say which based on your review, I need to move it up in my stack.

  6. I am really looking forward to reading Something to Say! Loved her first book.

  7. Something to Say by Lisa Moore Ramée sounds really, really good. I'm adding this to my reading list. And thanks for the summer grown-up book recommends. If I can find them as audiobooks, I may add them to my summer list. I pretty much have to rely on audio while I'm cleaning and packing, though. LOL

  8. I also loved The Camping Trip and Something to Say looks great as well.