Monday, February 24, 2020

Recent Reads

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Recent Reads...

The Bold, Brave Bunny by Beth Ferry

Teetu is surrounded by bunnies in the very crowded burrow in which he lives. His desire to be brave and bold leads him on an adventure through the forest where he discovers new things that inspire his creativity and he realizes that home is a very special place. This is a sweet story about the joys of adventure and the necessity of belonging. 

Cézanne's Parrot by Amy Guglielmo

This book tells the story of the father of modern art, providing insight into the determination and creativity that led to his success as a painter. Readers will be inspired by Cézanne's efforts to improve his skills and be amused by his parrot, who is both his biggest critic and fan.  

Coo by Kaela Noel

This is a unique story about ten-year-old girl who has been raised by pigeons her entire life. In order to help one of the pigeons in her flock, she must venture into the human world. As Coo finds family and friends beyond her flock of pigeons, she learns about life as a human. This is a hopeful story about family, love and loyalty. Thanks to the author for providing my book review group, #BookExcursion, with an advance reader's copy. The book publishes in March.

Stand Up, Yumi Chung by Jessica Kim

Yumi dreams of becoming a comedian, but she also wants to please her parents who are more concerned with school and academics. When she discovers a comedy camp being taught by her favorite comedian, Yumi pretends to be someone else and secretly attends. As Yumi struggles to get herself out of the predicament she has landed in, she learns the importance of being herself and using her voice to be heard. This is a book with heart and humor. Thanks to Penguin Young Readers for providing my book review group with a review copy. The book publishes in March.

Worse Than Weird by Jody J. Little

This is a story of a girl finding her place in the world as she tries to remain true to herself. Mac really wants to spend the summer at coding camp, but her parents don't think she should be spending her time with computers. To raise the money for the camp, she participates in a food truck scavenger hunt. This book explores family and friendship and some important topics like divorce and homelessness. Thanks to the author for sending my book review group, #BookExcursion, an advance reader's copy. It publishes in March.


  1. The Brave Bold Bunny looks awesome - I missed that one. Just reserved it at my library. Thanks!

  2. Each one is new to me, Lisa, & sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Thanks for these introductions Lisa. I'm especially keen to read Stand Up, Yumi Chung. In one of the schools I was working in I met a young man who I wanted to send to a comedy camp!

  4. All of these are new to me. Stand up and Worse Than Weird sound particularly interesting. Thanks for the recommendations.

  5. I've got Brave Bold Bunny on hold at the library.
    I've seen a few people give positive reviews of Coo. It sounds a bit different to me so I haven't read it yet.... I should give it a try!
    I have the ARC of Yumi Chung to read. Would like to get to that one soon!
    Hope you enjoyed your vacation!

  6. The Bold, Brave Bunny is on my TBR PB.

  7. This is the second time I've seen Coo reviewed favorable -- I'm always up for feral kids...

  8. I just learned about Coo, very recently, and I hope we get a copy here very soon. It looks like such an original story! Thanks for the shares, Lisa!