Monday, August 5, 2019

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

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Recent Reads...

The Evil Princess vs. The Brave Knight by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm

This is an imaginative and humorous story of sibling rivalry. When they are sent to their separate rooms, the siblings realize it's not fun being evil or brave by themselves and they have a moment in which they unite for a common purpose, but in the end being rivals is much more fun. It's not only an amusing read, but also one that many readers with a sibling will be able to relate to.

Ruby Finds a Worry by Tom Percival

Ruby has a Worry and it gets so big that it starts to take over her life. With the help of a boy she comes across sitting on a park bench, she learns a way to deal with the worry. This is a great book to help children understand that having worries is normal and that talking about them can help. I love the use of color in the illustrations and the fact that the Worry was a character in itself. Thanks to Bloomsbury for a review copy.

Frankly in Love by David Yoon

Frank is in love for the first time. Brit is perfect for him except for the fact that she's white and Frank's parents want him to marry a Korean girl. Then there's Joy, the girl Frank fake dates so he can continue to see Brit. I loved the characters in this book. They were realistic and I just wanted to keep reading to see how it would all work out for them. It's humorous and heartfelt. There's already a movie adaptation coming and I can see why. This book publishes in September. Thanks to Penguin Teen for an advance reader's copy.

The World Ends in April by Stacy McAnulty

After getting information from a website, Elle is convinced that the world is going to end when it is hit by an asteroid in April. Under the guise of a nature club, Elle and her friend Mack get other students involved in planning how they are going to survive the asteroid when it happens. Admittedly, the plot of this book sounded unusual to me, but it turned out to be very interesting and engaging. The characters are true-to-life and middle grade readers will be able to relate to the school and friendship challenges they face. Thanks for Random House for providing my book review group, #BookExcursion, with an advance reader's copy. The book publishes in September.

I, Cosmo by Carlie Sorosiak

When Max arrived as the newest member of his human family, Cosmo, a lovable golden retriever, vowed to protect him always. Now that there has been a hint that divorce in the family is possible, Max needs Cosmo more than ever. To ensure they stay together, Max is training Cosmo for a dance competition. Dog tricks are not so easy for Cosmo because of his age, but he is determined not to disappoint Max. Told from Cosmo's perspective, this is a heart-warming story about the love and loyalty that exists between a dog and his favorite human. Readers will be touched by the bond between Cosmo and Max and be amused by Cosmo's perspective on life and family. Thanks to the publisher, Candlewick, for providing my book review group with an advance reader's copy. This book does not publish until December, but it is definitely one to keep on your radar. 


  1. I can't wait to read Frankly in Love, it sounds great!

    Here's my weekly wrap up:

  2. I know I, Cosmo, but had forgotten it, Lisa. Thanks for the other two, also. They sound good, & interesting!

  3. I was just crazy about McAnulty’s Lightning Girl and I just recently placed The World Ends in April on my list — can’t wait to read this one! And I’m hearing so many great things about Frankly in Love. Thank you for sharing this review of it! I’m also adding The Evil Princess vs. The Brave Knight to my list. Sounds very cute, Lisa! Thanks for sharing all these titles!

  4. Several really great looking books here, thanks for the shares. Frankly in Love is new to me and sounds like a great MG/upper MG read.

  5. I have a copy of Ruby Finds a Worry and I'm really looking forward to reading it and sharing it with other teachers who want to help their students overcome fears. Thanks for sharing and have a terrific week!

  6. I think I saw the book trailer for Frankly. It sure is getting a lot of pre-buzz!

  7. I really enjoyed Frankly in Love! I finished The World Ends in April during my vacation and the story had a lot of depth.