Monday, July 8, 2019

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

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Recent Reads...

Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas by Aaron Blabey

This is one of those books that is so ridiculous it's funny. I imagine kids will love the humor in this book about a piranha whose taste in foods is very different from the other piranhas. There are also certain words that just make kids giggle and this book includes one of them.

We Are (Not) Friends by Anna Kang

The lastest follow-up to We Are (Not) Small explores friendship and what happens when a third friend comes along. This is a cute book that shows how two best friends can include a new friend. The illustrations are very humorous.

Truman the Dog (My Furry Foster Family) by Debbi Michiko Florence

Katia and her family, who have a dog named Ollie, provide a foster home for Truman while he waits for his forever home. Although Truman is very lovable, he gets himself into some puppy trouble. Katia immediately falls in love with him and is conflicted about how she'll feel when it's time to let him go. This short, illustrated chapter book for early readers has a positive message about caring for animals and shows what it's like to foster a pet. It's a sweet start to a series that will appeal especially to early readers who enjoy stories about animals and pets. Thanks to the publisher, I read an advance reader's copy. It publishes in August.

The Boy at the Back of the Class by Onjali Q. Rauf

This is a beautiful book about the power of friendship and acceptance. There's been an empty seat at the back of the classroom until one day a new boy arrives. When a group of students in the class realize he is a refugee from Syria and neither of his parents made it to London with him, they hatch a plan to help reunite them. This timely and touching story also has a bit of adventure and humor. Thanks to the publisher, Random House Children's Books, for providing my book review group, #BookExcursion, with an advance reader's copy.


  1. Thanks for sharing! The Boy at the Back of the Class sounds very interesting. I will be adding that one to my list of books to read.

  2. The Boy At The Back of The Class is a new one to me & sounds wonderful, Lisa. Thanks for it & for the picture books, too!

  3. Thanks for the heads up about The Boy At The Back of The Class. I've put a reserve on it and am looking forward to reading it.

  4. Anna Kang's books are so sweet! Thanks for sharing and have a terrific week!

  5. Just picked up The Boy at the Back of the Class at ALA. I'll pull it out soon.
    Can't wait for Debbie's new series!
    I tried finding the new Aaron Blabey book but my library seems to have not ordered anything that was published in the month of July. I'm pretty annoyed...

  6. Wow, The Boy at the Back of the Class sounds like a really great read. I'm definitely adding this one to my list. Thanks for the great reviews, Lisa!

  7. Very cute books this week, they all look really good. Thanks fro the shares!