Monday, June 10, 2019

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

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Recent Reads...

Bear Came Along by Richard T. Morris

While being curious about the river, Bear accidentally falls in, starting off an adventure in which other woodland animals unexpectedly join in. The animals' adventure has a moment of suspense, but ends in fun. This is a charming book that shows the positives of connection with others. There is humor in both the text and the illustrations. The use of color is interesting, too, as the book starts of with mostly grays and browns and gets increasingly more colorful. I shared this with first graders last week and they enjoyed it and had great ideas about the lesson of the book.

The Peculiar Pig by Joy Steuerwald

Penny is quite different from her pig siblings. Although Mama Pig loves the little dachshund as much as the others, the piglets find Penny very peculiar. To the piglets' surprise, it turns out that peculiar saves the day. This is a sweet book with a lesson about how differences can be strengths. The illustrations are the cutest. Thanks to the publisher for providing my book review group, #BookExcursion, with a review copy.

Untitled by Timothy Young

A coatimundi and a capybara are waiting for the author to start writing and liven up their story. While they wait they imagine the adventures they would like to go on. A twist at the end gives them an unexpected surprise and has them hoping for a sequel. The book is funny and will likely lead readers to want to research the two types of animals featured in the book. Thanks to the generosity of the author, Timothy Young, I received a copy of the book to share with my students.

Finding Orion by John David Anderson

Rion Kwirk feels that he doesn't fit in with his quite unusual family. Even the funeral of Rion's grandfather, Papa Kwirk, proves to be unconventional. It leads to an adventure as the family goes on a scavenger hunt through which they discover more about Papa Kwirk's life. This is a quirky, but heart-warming story about family and forgiveness. I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book, thanks to Nicole at Bluestocking Thinking and the publisher.


  1. I know I would love Finding Orion because I love Anderson's books. It's on my list, hoping to read sometime this summer! I've heard of some of the picture books you shared & peeked at Bear Came Along the last time I was at my favorite Indie. It was darling. Thanks for all, Lisa!

  2. I am waiting for Finding Orion to become available at my local library. I adore John David Anderson's writing.

  3. Untitled by Timothy Young is new to me, so I'm going to go read up on this one -- sounds cute! And my hold on Finding Orion just opened up, so I'm hoping to squeeze that into June. Thanks for the shares, Lisa!

  4. Untitled is fun, isn't it? I haven't read it with a class yet, but I'm anticipating giggles!

  5. All of your books are new to me this week! I'll definitely have to get over to the library and check them out. Thanks for sharing and have a great week!

  6. Finding Orion is on my eventual to be real pile.

  7. I love picture books about pigs. They go with my piggy bank collection.

  8. Oh, John David Anderson. He is just so good!
    I haven't read the others, so thank you for sharing :)

    Happy reading this week!

  9. I like that your book theme this week has something to do with being peculiar and not fitting in. :) We need more books like these. Have a great reading week!

  10. The Peculiar Pig is so adorable and it's on my #IMWAYR tomorrow. Looking forward to reading Finding Orion. John David Anderson's books are always memorable!