Monday, May 13, 2019

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

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Recent Reads...

Say Something by Peter H. Reynolds

Every time I read a recently published book by Peter H. Reynolds, it becomes a new favorite. This inspirational book shows the many ways to use one's voice to make a difference in the world. I love this book because I think it will be useful to start discussions about the power of voice and the necessity of working to make the world a better place and also because it has such an empowering message.

Harold and Hog Pretend for Real! by Dan Santat and Mo Willems

Fans of the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems will appreciate this book. Elephant and Piggie find a book about an elephant and a pig. They read the book in which the elephant and pig, otherwise known as Harold and Hog, are pretending to be them. Like the Elephant and Piggie books, it's told through dialogue and easy to read. It's a lot of fun, but also highlights friendship.

Patron Saints of Nothing by Randy Ribay

Jay's cousin, who lives in the Philippines, has been murdered. He's not only devastated, but confused as to why no one will tell him what really happened. In his search for the truth, he travels to the Philippines where the story of his cousin's life and death unravels piece by piece. This is a story about grief and the desire to find the truth, but it also explores the struggles with understanding one's identity. It's a compelling read, but also one that gave me insight into the culture and politics of the Philippines. Thanks to the publisher for providing my book review group, #BookExcursion, with an advance reader's copy. The book publishes in June.


  1. I flipped through Say Something at Target last week and am definitely purchasing a copy for a dear friend of mine. She’s always been such a huge voice — never held back from saying something when there was oppression, etc. I think Reynolds’ books make especially good gifts!! Thanks for sharing, Lisa!

  2. I loved Say Something, still want to read this new Mo Willems/Dan Santat book. Patron Saints of Nothing sounds scary, but interesting, too. Thanks, Lisa1

  3. I'm looking forward to reading Patron Saints!
    Just read Harold and Hog to 3rd graders today. They were finding some details that I missed!

  4. I thought Say Something was awesome! Definitely a great one to share with kids. I have the Mo Willems/Dan Santat book in a pile I just got from the library. Looks like a fun one. Thanks for sharing and have a great week!

  5. Great books today. Patron Saints of Nothing sounds like a fascinating read. I'm excited that my library has it on order!

  6. Just ordered Harold and Hog through First Book. Peter Reynolds’ books always have a positive and uplifting message.

  7. Ah yes! Must get this new E and P read alike! Loved Say Something