Saturday, August 29, 2015

Celebrate This Week: A Generous Donation

Ruth Ayres hosts a link-up every week in order to celebrate all the great happenings.  You can find other celebrations at Discover. Play. Build.

This week I am celebrating the fact that my Donors Choose project was funded.  I created a project in which I requested funds for chapter books so that I can encourage my readers to engage in more independent reading.  I chose one or two titles in a number of chapter books series that I think will be of high interest to my readers.  I am very grateful to have received a generous donation that allowed my projected to be funded.  The books are already on their way.  Once I have them I plan on doing some book talks to get students interested in reading the books.  I am looking forward to sharing these books with my students and hearing what they think about them.  These are some of the books I requested:

This is the second Donors Choose project that I have had funded in order to get reading materials for my students.  I am very appreciative for the donors who check out these projects and donate.  The organization provides a great option for teachers in need of resources and materials for their classrooms.  For more information check out the website.   


  1. This is an amazing program - and hooray for your class and its library, thanks to you.

  2. What a great story. You went the extra mile to get those books. Hooray for you and the donors.

  3. It looks like you are building a wonderful library for your kiddos. I've read all of these and they are great choices. Have a fantastic year.